1. Mint a Battledog.

First, you need to mint a combat NFT to participate and engage other players. The cost to mint an NFT is $2 (give or take) in Ethereum (ETH). Note what is required for just this buy is Ethereum tokens itself and not MANTA, although Manta will become the only token that will be spent for every action you take while playing the game.

This is a little green soldier of fortune on the right menu option of the dapp.

You can't miss it!

(A little note, minting on any blockchain incurs a little fee we call GAS. Manta is among the world's cheapest, inexpensive blockchain L2 EVMs which makes it ideal for gaming, so the additional gas fee for minting shouldn't give you any concern.)

This a prerequisite to play. You need to have enough WETH on the blockchain to cover these fees else your transaction will fail.

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