2. Approve MANTA.

Hopefully, by now you should have acquired some MANTA. Next, you need to approve Battledogs Arena to use your MANTA during gameplay.

This is a brilliant button inside the game.

As with the standard practice for marketplaces and gaming, we need approval to utilize your MANTA tokens, this is so you don't have to approve each time you play. It also increases your response time if you have to act fast for any reason.

For your security concerns, we also included a Revoke button beneath our approval button on our UI, so that you can easily revoke platform access to your tokens at any time. The revoke button is a darker button right beneath the brilliant golden checkmark button. Click on this button anytime to revoke platform access. We make it that easy.

It is important to note during gameplay, The Informant can be hovered over at any time to inform you of how much WETH approval you have left. The lesser your approval is, i.e. the closer to zero, the more The Informant changes color during gameplay. It is recommended to increase your WETH approval when The Informant turns red to keep you from running into transaction errors later. The Informant is a shadowy battledog that pops up once you've authorized approval. You can't miss it.

If you don't see this handy battledog, it means you are yet to authorize approval of your WETH for gameplay or you have exhausted your previous approval limit.

This a prerequisite to play otherwise all gameable transactions will fail.

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