5. Claiming Wins

For every 100 points you gain from fighting other battledogs, you can claim a win. If the points are on your Aggression, you can claim an Assault win. If the points are in your Stamina, you can can claim a Debilitation win.

The Claim Assault and Claim Debilitate icons can be found on the right menu, where you can insert the enemy target's ID to claim your victory. You can't miss them!

This is an arena, so survival means wins are rewarded and losers are ignored. When you successfully claim a win over another player, you will discover your win count in your Battledog NFT inside your Arsenal will go up by 1. But that's not all!

If you keep looking, you will also notice you have a bigger payout than when you started the battle. That because Battledog Arena rewards victors! This payout measures the total amount you can collect from payable fights. The loser on the other hand, won't get any benefits or penalties for losing the fight.

(By the way, all fights are payable fights. Let's get that straight. (It just depends on if you've claimed before.)

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