8. Activity Tracker

Maximizing the battledog activity monitor

This tool allows you to place a tracer on any Battledog you want know their battle moves, maybe learn their battle patterns or perhaps develop a battle plan from it. Use The Informant to find the Leaderboard and locate other battledogs ahead of you in the Arena.

Whatever numbers you insert into the track (be it one number, or a series of numbers), gets stored and remember every time you visit this tool. If you want to add more than 1 ID at a go, you need to delineate the the IDs with a comma (no spaces in-between) like so 1,2,3,5 to track them in your locator.

These battledog NFTs automatically gets tracked when you click on Monitor. This list of Battledog IDs appears to the right of Track Assaulters and Track Debilitations bar right underneath the tracker's eye. This means you don't need to re-input these BIDs every time you want to track a battledog. If the Battledog being tracked (including yours) makes a move, just visit the activity tracker and click on these twin buttons to get these battledog's assaults or debilitations by their most recent activity.

When you click on any of the assaults or debilitations revealed by your activity track, both your target battledog NFT and their assailed NFTs will appear giving you an idea of who your target is. All other information remains private.

This is especially useful when you're tracking a number or group of friendly or enemy battledoges like for your faction or group rivalry. Do not forget to seize this advantage as Battledogs Arena is primarily MPG concept (a MultiPlayer Game)

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