7. Cashing Out

The Payout icon is located on the right menu. You can't miss it!

You can use it to access the payouts on each Battledog NFT and withdraw them.

Payouts are in essence MANTA tokens. You can withdraw these stored Manta tokens as well as those earned from wins if a few criteria are met. Just a few.

  • First, you must engaged in at least 5 fights! They don't have to be payable fights, but fights.

  • The final requirement is you must have had 5 wins. Yes, 5 wins is the lucky number for you to cash out your MANTA and the rewards you earned.

  • An finally, you must have performed at least 1 level up for that Battledog NFT.

Violating any of these aforementioned points will surely cause your Payout transaction to fail.

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