⚙️The Payout System

The payout system in Battledogs Arena is built to reward the strong and fiercely competitive. Every time a battledog wins a battle, they receive a payout. This payout increases with each subsequent win, as the battledog becomes stronger and harder to defeat. This payout system consists of the Claim buttons, the Level Up buttons and the Payout button.

The Claim button in Battledogs Arena, the Claim Assault and Claim Debilitate buttons are designed to be utilized by warring battledogs when the other can no longer continue to do battle as the cost of an ongoing battle eventually takes its toll. Every battledog is given 24 hours to respond to an attack by another battledog. This anti-bot timelock always ensure fair play and that each player has been given sufficient time to respond to any attack made in the player's absence from the game. This is so they can earn their stolen points back from an attacker.

These buttons award players a 1 win to any battledog for every 100 points they gain while assaulting or debilitating other battledogs as you gain points for attacking others in the Arena. This is important as the Level Up and Payout functions require wins in order to be accessed.

The Level Up function increases a battledog's class or grade. It can only be called after 5 registered wins have been made, and you can find that out in the Arsenal where each Battledog NFT you own as the list of accomplishments written beneath the NFT card. With each level up, a battledog becomes more formidable in combat which is especially effective against blitz strategies. Or fighting uphill battles against established alliances.

Each level can be increased after every 5 wins. So for every new level you intend to enter, you must have 5 additional wins.

Note that using the Level Up function requires you to APPROVE and burn some GAME tokens, which are the reward tokens for participating in our game. Whether you win or lose battles, every player gets GAME tokens for spending MANTA during gameplay.

Payouts are structured in such a way that after every battle, the winning battledog is immensely rewarded while the loser is typically ignored which is the way of combat. The more wins you have under your belt, the bigger the payout, but it's important to note that in order to collect your payout, you must have engaged in at least 5 winning battles and performed one level up.

This where calling the Payout function comes to play. Pun intended.

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